[Robert W. Mack is the nephew of Charles L. Mack, Jr.]

Video Projects

In Their Own Words: The Islamic Society of Boston (2005)

This is a 39 minute documentary concerning a mosque in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Robert lives. The administrator of the mosque discusses the mosque's history and the history of Islam in America; the Imam (religious leader) explains the tenets and practices of Islam; and a dozen members of the mosque briefly introduce themselves. Windows Media  The video quality is much higher on DVD so if you want to see this at full resolution let me know and I can send you a disc.

Travel Photography

(I recommend selecting "Slideshow", then hitting F11 on a PC. Picasa lets you download a full sized copy of any image that you especially like.)

Thailand - 2008

Here are the 20 best photos from my trip to Thailand in November and December, 2008, and if you want more here are the 100 best photos.

France - 2008

Here are the 20 best photos from my trip to Paris and environs with my nephew Andy in July, 2008.

Slovenia and Croatia - 2008

Here are the 20 best photos from my trip to Slovenia and Croatia in June, 2008.

Califonia - 2007

Here are the 40 best photos from my California trip in September, 2007, and here are lots more California photos.

Down Under - 2007

Here's the link for photos and videos from my 2007 Trip to New Zealand and Australia.

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting - 2006

Here's the link for my Grand Canyon photos.

Here's the link for a video clip of a small rapid, which I took with my Canon Digital Elph in a waterproof case. I couldn't get a clip of a bigger rapid because I was holding on for dear life!

One of the participants, Tom Appelquist, made twelve watercolor paintings during the trip.

Turkey - 2006

Here's the link for the thirty best photos of the trip I took to Turkey in May, 2006, with Jason Bromberg.

For those who are really keen, here are links for my "500 best" Turkey photos. (All the photos are uploaded but I note below which topics have been ordered and captioned.)
Ordered and captioned.
Istanbul (128)
Antalya (33)
Not yet ordered or captioned.
Antiquities (148)
Cappadocia (109)
Carpets (27)
Other (28)

Here are a couple of short video clips taken with my Canon digital Elph: The first is a glimpse of a whirling dervish ceremony that I witnessed in Istanbul. The second follows part of the route we had to drive to get to our hotel in Antalya. It starts out narrow, then turns into the narrowest "road" I have ever been down in a car. Fortunately, Jason was driving.