Books by Charles L. Mack, Jr.


Non-fiction attempt to explain why countries become communist.

  Krysha Project  

Novel illustrating the complexity of Soviet society, and pointing up the challenges of achieving peace in the nuclear age.

  Martyrs of Envy  

Non-fiction book exploring the way in which envy influences many parts of the world, generating violence and hatred. The author hopes that understanding this cycle may allow it to be broken.

  The Conference  

Novel addressing where biology is headed concerning the ability to extend life.


A satire of human falsehood.

  The Kremlin Sting  

Fictional work founded in reality concerning U.S.-Russian relations.

  The Sentry Project  

Fictional work attempting to impart information about the Soviet Union. (The author doesn't agree with the premise that assasination of key people would accomplish anything of value.)