Selected Articles by Charles L. Mack, Jr.

  From Austerlitz to Moscow, 1977  

"This is a progress report. It begins with the carnage wrought by 160,000 men at a small Czechoslovakian town called Austerlitz, and it ends with the signing of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty at a large Russian town called Moscow."

  China, 1979  

"In recent years, China has been emerging from its Maoist nightmare to join the civilized nations of the world in peaceful construction."

  Referred Pain, 1981  

Forecasting by government has been more accurate than the press gives credit for.

  Delusions of Solidarity, 1981  

"Romantic (and misguided) American views of brave freedom fighters have now led us to join Solidarity in the destruction of the Polish economy."

  The Only Thing We Have to Fear..., 1983  

"Ironically, today's panic, too, threatens to bring upon us the disaster everyone wants to prevent: in this case, war with the Soviet Union. Panic touches off retreat."

  Castro's Gift, 1988  

"Fidel Castro's agreement to permit over 20,000 Cubans to come to America each year ... [is] the one most valuable gift that a Communist leader can bestow on the free world."

  From Moscow to Baghdad - Another American Success Story, 1991  

"'From Moscow to Baghdad' picks up the story [started in 'From Austerlitz to Moscow'] in 1972 and carries it into 1991, a journey every bit as perilous as the previous one, but resulting again in that rare event in history: a happy ending."