The Writings of Charles L. Mack, Jr.

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Biographical Information

Charles L. Mack, Jr. was a widely respected specialist in Soviet and Chinese technology. A physicist (Harvard '48, University of Pennsylvania '52), he served as technical consultant and threat analyst at NATO headquarters in France, was a charter member of Mitre Corporation, and a member of the technical staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory for twenty years. Further biographical information can be found in American Men and Women of Science, 13th Ed., p. 2736 of vol. 4 (L-O).

Working since 1953 at the highest levels of security classification, he wrote many analyses, evaluations and explanations of Soviet and Chinese military and civil affairs and capabilities. His work received personal commendations from top military and civilian officials, including the Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Commander, U.S. Air Defense Command. A hightly classified book of his was for many years the Air Force bible on Soviet military capabilities against U.S. satellites.

He was a frequent contributor to David Riesman's political review The Correspondent re Germany and the Soviet Union. His article "From Austerlitz to Moscow" in the American Heritage of December 1977 was widely reprinted in the U.S. and abroad.

In recent years he has been a freelance writer, living in Lexington, Massachusetts, and working on a series of books and articles, both fiction and non-fiction. He died in Lexington on October 5, 2002, at the age of 76.